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A custom painted toddler chair rockerCustom painting, regardless of the surface being painted, can be a joy or a disaster.  The joy comes from producing something you have envisioned or that a client has asked for and that is artistically satisfying.  The disasters, though seldom, come when the occasional client changes her/his mind after receiving the product, usually through no fault of the artist.

Happily though, pleasant experiences with hand-painting custom items are the norm. 

It’s so gratifying, after spending literally days priming, base-coating, painting designs and then adding 3 coats of varnish, to have a client call or email to say how stunning their hand-painted bed or nightstand or wall hanging is and how they couldn’t be happier.  

And when you get a call from that same client, three or even five years later, saying they having a new addition to the family and need a set of hand-painted furniture for the baby, you know you’ve done well.

Art is best when it makes not only you happy, but also someone else, isn't it?


Peeps design by Hillary James hand-painted on an armoire
Hand Painted Armoire


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